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Ernest Travel Itinerary
2014 Preaching/Ministry Schedule of Ernest Gentile

Sept 14 (PM)—Portales, NM—Victory Life Church, 801 W. 18th St.

Sept 21 (AM)—Spokane, WA—Life River, 2810, N. Park Rd.

Sept 21 (PM)—Spokane, WA—Rock of Ages Christian Fellowship, 2131 W.

Woodside Ave.

Sept 24 (Wed. PM)—Greenacres, WA—Greenacres Christian Fellowship, 215

                                                            N. Barker Rd.

Sept 28 (AM)—Wandenier, WA, Christian Life Church

Oct 12 (AM)—Meridian, ID, Legacy Church, 1507 N. Meridian Rd.

Oct 19 (AM)—Fort Sumner, NM, The Church on the Hill

Nov 3-5—Fort Sumner, NM, Annual Conference, The Church on the Hill

Nov 9 (AM)—Fort Sumner, NM, The Church on the Hill

Nov 14-15-16—Albuquerque, NM, Prophetic Conference at City Church,

                                                            5300 2nd St., NW

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